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A girl like Roxy

I designed and illustrated this image to promote fireworks night at my boys school last year. The lady in the image is based on one of the amazing fire poi performers from @phoenix_ents. I think she looks like a Roxy.

I like to think Roxy is creating a little magic here while she performs, creating a special kind of energy that only she and the crowd can feel.

On flicking through the work I've created over this last year, I'm always drawn to this particular image. I like to think about the lady this is based on (her name probably isn't Roxy

) I wonder if it takes concentration to twirl fire, with the tiny, starting movement generated from her finger tips, gaining speed to create a burning sphere of sparkly specks dancing around her.

I wonder if the movement flows through her second nature now, unaware of the risks involved. I wonder what she's feeling while she's in the moment? Does she feel the crispness of the air against her skin or do the fire balls give out warmth?

I feel like this is most definitely a role that would give you joy in the chance for ruminating thoughts here, surely?

I keep thinking that's what I'm after in my life. Understanding what magic I can put out into the world which lights me up and I can be proud of, whilst keeping the mind light, a free flowing gentle movement, free of force. @Shinebrighter.withsarahclarke looking forward to seeing if we can find it 💓

What do you think your own personal magic is and how do you present this in your everyday?

Do you have to present yourself to the world with your voice and expertise or is it in a quieter way that makes a deep impact all the same?

There's a strength, grace and freedom in this image that I'm drawn to but I feel like the fire represents something for me too.... I'm looking to create a little spark and ignite something special (and if I can do this all while looking hot to trot in a red leotard than all the better) x

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