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"Always remember, your focus determines your reality"- George Lucas

I'm fed up of all the apocalyptic chat. We're still here people. Let's keep thriving. Let's remember we're still alive and kicking and have sooo much to be grateful for.

Let's keep focusing on how well we are, let's tell each other how well we look...let's not foster any cause for concern surrounding a little sniffle. Let's keep telling our selves we are well, strong and healthy. I made the mistake of partaking in a little danger scroll this evening and at the moment, it really is feeding us with trigger drivel. A few nuggets of joy are seeking through, reminding us to ignore these media triggers, to stay calm and carry on.

My advice? Find and do whatever you enjoy to distract you from this silly narrative. Get caught up in something different, paint, do a spot of yoga, read a book, clear a cupboard, run a bath...count your toilet rolls. Use your body, remind yourself of its greatness....look at pictures of your babies...remind yourself of your strength. I'm thinking of calling 'you know what' by any other name to ridicule it. Let's start calling it the snuffle, the sniffle snuffle … Let's reduce the chance of that ridiculous name ever grabbing hold. Let's focus on the goodness which is slowly creeping up through the earth in shoots of lush green, the sudden shriek of the red kite over head reminding us to stay present and may the endless piles of washing up and toy tidying remind us to appreciate how fortunate we are to have food, our children, our ability to care for our selves and stay well and healthy.

Let's focus on the ease in which we pass through our day, shopping and talking and conversing like normal....Let's promote a sense of peace and harmony. As a collective, focusing on that can go towards making an important difference. I've vowed to myself from now on (because I found myself jumping on the dilly- downer train today) to only speak of all the good stuff that is happening...Let's help shift the dialogue, and create change in our families and communities and speak of happier times to come. And they will come. Very soon and we'll be feeling tip top when that happens.💓

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