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I'm a Libra and there's no denying it.

The symbol is that of the scales and here's lil' ole' me trying to take control, master those scales and keep them in balance. The problem is the balance goes off quite frequently when the weight of obligation, the desire to please and keep everyone happy is strong, either that or maybe I need stronger thighs!

I don't think these qualities are those shared just by Libra's. I think these characteristics are present in most Mothers, maybe most women even. The conditioning to please everyone, keep on top of the to do list and if there's time....remember to look after yourself too.

I'm trying to be more mindful of how I'm sharing out my energy at the moment. I've purposely not tried to book too many things in. When my energy is shared with great friends and a little service giving, the scales of life tip in the right direction.

I've depicted the contents of the heavy side as brick like and solid as they weigh very heavily on my mind. So much so that I can often get headaches or not sleep very well. I think it was @ruthpoundwhite who I first heard use the expression in her podcast of 'mental labour' and that is a lot of what the dish to the left in my illustration contains. I'd never heard that expression before but that mind stuff is actually more weighty and overwhelming than the actual 'stuff.' A dish of fear. The fear of missing an event, forgetting a Xmas card or getting ill on xmas day. For years, I was ill on xmas day. The opposite dish, full of good stuff is represented with leaves because I seem to need loads of it to balance out the other side and because the feeling is so fleeting, I feel like I touch it, taste it before it inevitably tips back to the other side.

To add to it, I now feel an obligation to consider the environment with my purchases and rebel against this idea that we need more stuff in our lives. We are full.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good at keeping balanced. I want to keep that steady warrior pose and maintain it but think I'll have to opt for the seesaw manoeuvre instead!

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