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Golden Moments

So,'s an interesting journey!

I don't know what I was expecting but it was all that bit more challenging than I'd envisaged....peppered regularly with feelings of guilt and anxiety and finding my way as Mum, Lisa, rather than just Lisa...who I was just beginning to enjoy the company of. 

The angsty, tea and pastry fuelled one was all new ground, emotions stretched in new directions and discovery of new lows.

But then....every so bear witness to a golden moment when I think ahhh, this is how I imagined it would be.

When we were at Swanage, the boys were running in and out of the water, coats and hats on but nothing on the bottom half. At one point, they ran up to one another and embraced in the excitement of loving the moment, loving one another's company, huge smiles. Robin's little bare bottom fleetingly exposed.

This was a 🌟Golden Moment 🌟 and one will that will stay with me forever!

Always helpful to have moments like this banked up to refer to, remember, embrace like new, when those tough times make an  appearance.

They challenge us, they test but they also help us to question the foundations of what we teach them about everything... kindness, friendship and love. When we witness the fruits of our labour reflected back to us, our children have the ability to heal old wounds and open our hearts. 

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