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I can feel the tide turning and it scares me.

I can feel the tide turning and it scares me.

The mind is an incredible thing. If we fuel it the same narrative over and over again. We can convince ourselves to all kinds of thinking.

As humans, we have alarming abilities. We have the ability to play out and re-play in our minds countless things we've done wrong. We can feel feelings like they happened yesterday. Fresh. Like an old fashioned film reel.

Instances where we could have done something or said something in a different way, play like the truth. At times of strain and low confidence, these stories are on loop. That loop is the narrative I'll share on here often and sharing with you, makes me feel a little better. I know, as feeling, heart led Mothers it's familiar to you too.

But today. Something different.

I've realised I've been telling myself a rather sorry tale for years about my experiences on being a parent. Why? Because I find it hard. And out of all the things I chose to do, this is the one I've found most hard. Really hard. Like 95% on paper don't match my experience hard. And, always, an unnerving fear that my boys, despite all the hard work, will turn out to be little rotters. Perfectionist me, hates this idea.

But what, if we transform the visual for a moment. Move the furniture around. Change the lighting. Jazz music. New vibe.

If you were to capture a moment where your children shone for you and you shone for them. What would it look like? For me, my boys in fluffy dressing gowns at breakfast this morning. Shiny eyed & happy. The best part of the day.

I'm beginning to understand the lesson during this time. An opportunity to edit the visual we hold in our head. The story we tell ourselves and the ones we tell of our children. As a result, I'm beginning to be gentler with myself and hold my children closer. What does your visual look like? This is your chance to edit.

The truth in my story.

If I hold you too close and something goes wrong, you'll break me or I'll break you. I'll miss you and it will hurt me.

But isn't that the most spectacular way of feeling feel torn by it.

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