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Never underestimate the importance of a date night....

….or better still, a whole....ENTIRE... weekend....away!

If you are given the chance, take it, embrace it, go with it.... and most of all, just enjoy it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my children....I really truuuuly do but actually an invite to our friends wedding (no children allowed) in Henley could not have come at a more opportune moment.

We're a few weeks into the summer holiday, the holiday abroad is a distant memory... sangria sadly isn't even in sniffing distance, we're once again confined to barracks due to the weather and the damn wasps and everyone (mostly me) is a tad more tetchy than normal.

Any smidgen of routine/ food in the fridge/patience/ understanding has gone out the window. A change was much needed.

The opportunity of a little adult conversation, choosing to pop on a nice frock and not the one with a few unidentified grease stains on the hem (because let's face it, with little 'uns in tow any outfit will be patterned with finger prints before the bride has even said 'I do,') The opportunity to say, "sod it, let's have another one" as you smile in the knowledge you won't have to pull any ounce of energy you have left to wrestle a two year old into the car seat come the first dance.

Most of all it is an opportunity for FUN, to dance, laugh and embrace everyone.... INCLUDING your other half.

There is nothing like a wedding where you have to kind of be at your best, to remind not only your other half but more importantly yourself what love is and why what you and your partner have, had (and still have) is still incredibly special. They also come in very useful when you're tottering around over gravel in high heels. You're a team, a partnership, a united front.

I find weddings create a lovely loving glow which lasts over a few days. You feel yourself having loving conversations with other couples about how they met, how happy the couple look and reminding your partner about things that happened when you first got together. Thus begins this circle of trust, kindness and appreciation for what you have and actually how lucky you are. You also get to dance together and hold hands like you used to (not just that of a child)... relationships goals!

Sometimes, we really do need that break off from the hum drum, conversations about what is for dinner (or not, often in my case) whether or not to turn the dishwasher on and competing in the weekly 'I'm dead to the world' impression on a Saturday morning when the children are kicking off down stairs.

Sometimes it is important just to strip back all the 'stuff' which gets exaggerated due to tiredness and routine and just be.... two people who just really fancy each other and enjoy each others company.

To Mr Timms...I'm so pleased to be able to call you mine.

To Mr & Mrs Galloway, Congratulations- we had a blast on your beautiful day, thank you for giving us the opportunity to run away together for the weekend!


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