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Proverbial sticks

My basket of proverbial sticks to beat myself with is full.

How's yours looking?

Should probably not be drinking so much as I top up the vino....

Should probably not have used the tech again as a crutch for the boys to create a bit of time to breathe

Should have put a wash on, as I inspect my sons' uniform for the day

Should clean the bathroom...what would people think...

Should be providing a plethora of activities for my babes as I should want to mother them the way I envisaged I would...

Should be in bed by now!

Should be as slim as I depict myself in this illustration 😉

Mums are experts at beating ourselves with those sticks....not always woody, I'm talking about the negative narrative that lingers all day, everyday about our shortcomings as Mothers, lovers, friends and daughters.Thing is, lockdown sticks are a special blend of potent, because we're trying to do 'normal' in a world that is still far from it, whilst keeping an eye on how well everyone else 'seems' to be doing.With vigour, panache...and energy...that's surely how I 'should' feel, right?!

This illustration was inspired by a friend who commented how she'd offered an olive branch and then felt like she'd hit herself over the head with it.

I could relate to that visual..the olive branch being that rare gift..the hand of kindness we bestow ourselves occasionally,

before the 'I should be finding this easy,' thwack thows us of kilter.

Maybe we can change those sticks into something more loving, positive and life affirming. So instead of feeling fast, hard and forceful in their delivery, these thoughts can be re-trained to feathery, bubbles that we can take or leave, that bounce around as options of what we 'could' do if we want to but can choose not to if it the burden weighs heavy.

Make sure one of those shoulds is uncompromised however....what 'should' I do for myself today,to keep me floating? X

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