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So, this is me! (Nervous wave)

I’m Lisa. I’m 35 years old and I live in Hemel Hempstead. (This is already sounding like a Blind Date episode.)

It feels a bit weird doing this but I follow a few other people who do and I always find it interesting. I have a few new followers, which is nice, so thought I’d hop on to say hello. Now, this is where I proceed to try and make myself sound really interesting.

So here goes....

I'm the founder of First Mummies' Club.... a group I first set up when my eldest, now seven and a half, was 6 months old. The original concept was that it was a creative evening group just for first time Mums but now it ties nicely into the belief that Mums should always make time for themselves, and remember to put themselves first sometimes.

Although I'm not currently running workshops, it's always in my mind and I continue to support local creative businesses that do and creativity generally to support your mental health.

I like the colour orange. I like Flamingos. More orange. (still with me?)

I like to think that I’m warm, kind and helpful.

I love self help books. I own a lot but don’t always read them. The prospect of owning knowledge makes me feel clever.

Big Magic by Liz Gilbert was a big discovery.

I like to think of myself as creative and like exploring what that means.

I love a podcast. Love candles. Love reading about horoscopes/zodiacs signs!

My favourite film is Amelie.

I love my boys (most of the time) I have two littlies, aged 7 and 5 and a big one aged 39. (He took this pic)

Sometimes it might seem like I’m quite sad when I post things but I’m just a deep thinker and think about things a lot, then a little bit more and then a little bit more still until I can connect it to something else I'd thought about ten years prior or something that a friend told me six weeks before and then it all makes perfect sense.

I’m forever trying to work out why I was put on this planet. I’m not convinced it was to have babies.

I like writing in a meaningful and heartfelt way. In fact, I just like writing.

I believe the easily accessible simple tools of drawing/painting and writing can help create a sense of calm and clarity in this crazy world.

I think Motherhood is blinkin’ hard.

I’m currently illustrating for a magazine called Motherdom. Interesting antidote, when I was sixteen I wrote to the art director at Vogue and sent her an illustrated letter saying how I thought they should have more fashion illustrations on their pages. She wrote back to say she’d like to meet me. I remember feeling very unfashionable and wasn’t sure to take my coat off or not. Twenty years later I am illustrating for a magazine and ironically, I’m not a trained illustrator. Dreams really do come true.

I run an after school arts and crafts club at the school my sons attend, with my friend Petra.

I love talking about energy. I like the word spirit.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done was travel to Australia on my own. The stupidest thing I ever did was jumping out of a plane over New Zealand.

My greatest achievement is trekking the Tongariro crossing in snowy conditions on an eight hour hike.

I once had a handbag named after me. The ‘Tridgell Tote.’

I find a sense of peace in an art gallery. Solo trips make my soul sing but with my eldest it becomes an entirely different spiritual experience.

My favourite thing is deep and meaningfuls with good friends. If cake is involved, it's a bonus.

If I’d lived in another era, I wish it was the 1920s. My wedding dress was vintage, made in Belgium in the 1920's.

I’m not very domestic. I dislike food shops, cleaning, and cooking…. I’ve been doing all these things unsuccessfully as a stay at home Mum for the past seven or so years.

I hate to think that anyone ever feels lonely or that they can’t reach out and ask for help.

I’m quite honest about not feeling right in myself sometimes and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Now, tell me something about you that not many people know. x

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