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The joy in a Ritual

Looking through artwork over the last year, I came across an image that was used to accompany Amanda Clare's article, 'Breathing through Motherhood.' Amanda's article mentioned how, following a detox course, she started a 'probably won't matter, but at least I've done it, breathing practice.' She wrote, 'I noticed something happening. I felt more buoyant. More calm. More wasn't affecting the activity in the house, it was changing my perception of it. As I reacted differently, my reality changed.'' Here is my approach to finding a time & space to breathe.

I'm mindful of starting my day in the best way possible as I don't like to feel stressed or rushed. I try to keep to a morning routine that helps me stay in touch with myself both mentally and physically and gives me time to reflect and breathe deeply.

I shower and wash my hair every morning. I try to stay present in this moment. Feel the water cascading, visualise the warm suds washing away the fatigue. This is also a good opportunity to check into how I'm feeling. Am I holding onto something? Am I feeling anxious. I jot down anything that comes up as the worry of forgetting creates stress for me.

I blast my hair with the dryer, a minute of fast hot heat to create a quiff, wax and a spritz of hairspray. Dressed (in colour always)trot downstairs to survey the carnage, make myself a cup of tea, and light a candle. At the moment my favourite is Winter by @thewhitecompany. Then I set up my mirror and seat myself on my orange bar stool to do my make up. The light in the kitchen is best and I have a lovely view. Music. All senses pleasured.

I'm well aware this may seem like a very luxurious ritual but it's important I make it happen. Now a habit, it allows me to physically get in touch with myself too. I feel my face, feel for changes in skin, massage the furrow of a brow away. I love applying lotion to my face & adding liquid eyeliner to my upper eyelid (always with a cat eye flick) If I don't get to paint during the day,I get a taster of it then.

I hope it also shows my boys that it's important to look after yourself and that this body and mind is worth taking care of 💓

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