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The power of sorting...

My little mind is keen to look for the drama in the moment. I think a lot of us are probably like us something to talk about.

Thing is, the sniffle snuffle (see my last post for more info on that one) is by nature, unpredictable. The unpredictability of it, makes my mind want to go into fight or flight mode even though there is nothing (as of this current moment) to fight or to flee from. Therefore, I find myself eager to attach myself to some other form of anxiety or give more negative energy into to random worries and thoughts. This can be extremely draining and as a collective experience can create an uncomfortable situation for all.

Avoiding the hysteria by sticking my head in the sand isn't proving entirely successful. Therefore, I'm looking to my little toolbox of activities which I know help me to stay calm and in the moment.Art is one, writing another and organising is something else. Today, I have decided to try and sort my soft pastels into some kind of order and laid out my clip earrings.

I'm making sure my 'gems' have their matching friend and operate properly. A couple have clips that have fallen off, so I'll glue them back on with my hot glue gun. It's in my nature to want to swoop in and rescue but the stretch of the sniffle snuffle is so vast that I end up feeling a bit useless. So ordering and fixing these tiny, manageable objects helps me feel a little more in control. This feels like a meaningful task if I imagine each little pairing as a couple of friends keen for some light, air and attention. Also, the beauty of these particular things (these are like my precious things, although most of them have no monetary value) is that they each have a story.

Some were gifted to me, some are handed down from my Mum, some are vintage, some are from holidays and the top right ones are the ones I wore on my wedding day and have wore since when I feel the desire for extra sparkle. They each have a memory attached to them which allows for happy memories to unfurl and blossom....pushing the weeds of the day to the back of my mind for a while.

What do you look to help distract and calm your mind during difficult times?

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