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To the Women....

So incredibly thankful and grateful to the women who have helped piece things together and support me when times have felt tricky this year. Each with their own talents, strengths and abilities and above all their own unique, special mix of magic to sprinkle on things when we see one another. All these women also offer me the kind of deep, meaningful and heartfelt conversations that my little soul delights in.

The illustration was drawn by me and used in the latest issue of @Motherdom to accompany the beautiful song lyrics of @rachelmasonmusic. Her song 'illuminate the night' offered a real sense of community and strength in the sisterhood when seeking support especially when it comes to our mental health.

Drawing each of these characters, although not a representation of my real life friends, gave me the time to mindfully consider, and contemplate the gifts each of them bring to my life. They are all from different walks of life and offer a warmth that I value so much as well as a kindness which balances empathy with straight to the heart questioning, which, following a few hours of ponder assists me in gently coaxing the web to untangle a little more, often to reveal a truth in the form of a simple, yet beautiful, lengths of glistening gold.

I need this support network to help me make sense of my mind in this world and often admire those who seem to progress confidently without it. My life shines all the brighter for having them part of it.

As we approach a new year, forever hopeful of linear joy, let's all remind ourselves and thank those close to us, who we know will happily hold our hand and see us through the inevitable bumps along the way.

Peace and Love.


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