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Watch as we grow

I've been thinking a lot about the behaviours and habits we model as parents to our boys.

This photo was taken of me on a lovely holiday in rural Italy, when I was about fourteen. I'm #drawing.This behaviour was something modelled to me by my Mum, who would always take her watercolours with her when we went away. There's also a nice photograph of my sister (12 at the time)&Mum, chopping garlic besides one another in the farmhouse.

My sister has been a chef now for 15 years and I've been a lifetime daydreamer who writes and paints. I remarked to my sister the other day that the cooking gene didn't get passed onto me...despite my love of food and the joy surrounding the 'idea' of entertaining, I end up winging it! Mum is an expert in lighting copious amounts of candles, popping flowers in vases and fabric napkins in glasses to create an atmosphere that is both cosy &inviting. I chase this visual but am a reluctant cook.

I hadn't really thought about how our family #influence in those early years helps shape and morph our central #values as adults. Both my sister and I have a 'try your best' and 'work damn hard' approach to work through my Dad. I also felt working in London work meant I'd made it!

We share a mutual love of beautiful, precious things, nice bowls, wonderful #art & appreciate the time &skill that does into hand crafted items. We appreciate the #simplethings, remain curious and creative& look out for changes in our gardens, new buds, fresh blooms. We love our homes.

On the flip side we had quite a sedatory existence, we like to drink copious amount of tea and sit and chat. Enjoy cake. Have a tendency to think we are always right. We also have a cautious attitude towards things that are new or 'dangerous' and like to give things careful thought before committing.

Hubby's side in contrast is amazingly active, forward thinking, embrace everything a little more courageously, seek out opportunities and everything is larger and a little louder due to how many of us there are!

I feel grateful for the mix where family, health and happiness are central to both.

What core beliefs/behaviours do you model &hope your little ones carry with them to adulthood? X

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