Lisa Timms

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As a Mum of two boys, now aged six and four, I began to feel increasingly frustrated at never being able to find the time and head space to enjoy what I loved. Furthermore, my search for an evening group specifically aimed at crafty mums proved futile! I pondered... surely there must be other mums longing for a little creative 'me' time?! So, in response...here it is…'First Mummies' Club!'

I’ve worked in the creative environments of Pink Lining and Cath Kidston and I like to dabble in illustration, painting, pastels and a little hand sewing. I enjoy visiting  art galleries, craft and vintage  fairs. Having the boys introduced me into a new, sometimes restrictive and sometimes monotonous world of Motherhood but First Mummies’ Club gives me the opportunity to explore and ignite my creative side once again and use it to help inspire Mums with similar interests and ambitions. 

My hope is that you will enjoy the meetings as much as I enjoy planning them. I work hard to ensure the workshops I run are varied and engaging, encouraging Mums to learn new skills but also allow them to put their own personal creative stamp on their creations. The artists and craftspeople who visit us, excel in what they do, produce unique work and have the capability to inspire!

My hope is that Mums leave feeling inspired, with a sense of accomplishment and a huge dash of pride. 

My belief is that Women, Mums in particular have massive potential and are capable of achieving amazing things. We’ve shown this through our ability to deliver and raise little people into the world, whilst juggling all different hats at the same time!  

I find the process of analysing the mood of the room at First Mummies’ Club from the early anticipation created through my communications with the group, to the candle lit arrival and tip toing into new and unknown territory, to the sense of achievement and pride the Mums feel at the end, extremely rewarding.  This truly makes my heart sing. 

Engaging with creativity allows us the time to slow down and think clearly and rationally, if only for a few moments and finding that time to re-focus, reflect and breathe is so important to our general well-being as Mothers and carers.