We hope to create a refuge where you can observe and admire beautiful things being made by talented crafts people. Away from the responsibility of crying babes, washing piles and and lego under-foot, you can indulge… having the time and head space to dabble in something new whilst enjoying a piece of homemade cake , a hot cup of tea and time to engage with other lovely like-minded Mums!


I am so excited about First Mummies' Club and the prospect of all the artsy crafty potential we have hiding amongst our Hemel Mums, just waiting to be discovered! 


First Mummies’ Club  meetings  fall on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening of each month, 7:30pm-9:30pm 

Our new venue address:

The barn studio


Vicarage Road

Potten End


Forthcoming meetings:

Sessions are priced at £19 each or £54 for the three (£18 a session) to be paid in advance.

Wednesday 8th May- 'The comfort Jar'

Following the popularity of our family tree session, I'll be asking you to reflect on the things in your life that make you happy and what you'd pop into your own personal comfort jar.  


We'll be preserving this in visual form as we consider the emotional connection you have from different objects in your life, they may be photos, momentos from the past, trinkets, postcards or things that you are fond of. This is mainly a illustrative watercolour and pen project .... but you may choose to add a snippet of fabric, a few beads from your wedding dress or a fragment from your favourite baby outfit to create a little texture. 


I drew the The Comfort Jar illustration at the top of the page and this was used to accompany an article of the same name. This was featured in Motherdom magazine which launched this month.  (To order your copy go to and you can also hop on the First Mummies' Club blog to read a piece by Anna Ceesay, Founder and Editor of this fantastic magazine focusing on maternal mental health and well-being.)


Wednesday 22nd May- 'Icons'

Using lines to suggest shape and a whole lotta bold acrylic on canvas board as we tip toe the line of fashion illustration. We'll reflect on the work of an all time favourite of mine, David Downton, as well as some other fabulous fashion illustrators.  We'll be stepping outside the comfort zones on this one! Feel free to bring a long a photo of someone you really admire and we'll try and capture them in paint. There will also be a mixed media element as we add a little contrasting fabric/ newspaper to the mix. 


Wednesday 12th June-'Carnival' 

Inspired by stars of a by gone era.... Carmen Miranda, Josephine Baker, Frida Kahlo ...  we'll be delving back into the silk paints! I'll be pinning a sheet of silk over a rectangular frame, starting with a simple face shape, we'll be immersing ourselves with the colour and energy of the carnival and painting on the most dynamic fruity, flowery, headresses we can muster, inspired by nature (think peacock plumes) and working with this beautiful medium.... it's going to be fun!



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