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Daily Mail, January 13, 2018

Daily Mail Article

Hemel Gazette & Express, March 14, 2018

Hemel Gazette Article

It’s good to create a bit of me time’

You might remember my column about the class I attended to create a brand new Christmas tree fairy.

The important point was about creativity and it was picked up by reader Wendy T. After telling me she feels inspired to make a new fairy this year, she goes onto offer an idea I’m glad to pass on.

Wendy’s daughter Lisa found that she was stressed and busy and that her life revolved around her two young boys, her husband and home tasks.

‘She wanted to create an outlet for herself, and other mums in her situation, to have some “me” time in a friendly, creative environment in which, at the end of a two-hour session, they could take home something that they had made.”

So Lisa acted. Now her First Mummies’ Club has about 14 mums attending a local café every other Tuesday evening. Wendy writes: “Some are more able that others but no matter-they chat and laugh and at the end of the evening, they’ve all produced something wonderful and original.

‘Last time, they made a felted swan for their trees. I go along to distribute tea and home-made cake, as that’s all part of the nurturing process. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness.’

Both Wendy and daughter Lisa believe that being creative is vital for mental health. This informal club gets people together and the women teach each other to make things while having fun, too.

Lisa also uses social media to talk about projects and inspire people with her blogs and videos. So, this is a message to women and men of all ages-why not try to get a few friends together to share any activity? For example, look at

You could boil old woollies, then gather chums to cut them up and create blankets-just as women made patchwork quilts in the U.S. Older people could pass on skills to the young. Making things—and mending, too –is the way ahead.

A new group aims to give Hemel Mums a little ‘me time’ to engage in something creative together.

First Mummies’ Club was founded by Hemel Mum, Lisa Timms, after she couldn’t find a local evening craft group to attend. The group meets twice a month at the Fishery Wharf café in Boxmoor.

Some weeks, talented local craftspeople share their skills, while on other weeks Lisa guides the women through a craft project which isn’t too ambitious to achieve within the two hours, with a tea and cake break halfway through. For full details, see

Letter from Mike Penning, MP, July 11, 2013

Letter from MP
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