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Chasing rainbows

I have a confession.

I've been collecting.

Since we moved into our new home a few months ago, I've been taking photos of where the light falls.

Dappled light, pockets of it, silhouettes, strong light, distorted light and rainbows. I've tried to capture them because they are interesting and strange to me. I'm acknowledging their passing as I've been so grateful for it, as we muddle through boxes, stir up the energy of a once quiet home to understand where our belongings should finally rest. The house does seem to tell you in the end.

When we first looked at this house we had a slight nervousness around the garden being north facing. Having previously lived in a house where the kitchen would flood with light all day, I had visions of potentially feeling in shadow and darkness. However, one afternoon the whole first floor filled with light, a double rainbow arching across the back garden and I felt a sparkle at the possibilities... if in Autumn the light brought warmth, what would the other seasons gift us with?

An unexpected joy has greeted me most days during this unusually blue skied November....that of long shadows and light beams like sabers stretching themselves purposefully across the room.

When lacking direction and motivation, a sunny day can act as the catalyst to propel you through. It can help the lead the way...often to outside spaces to absorb every ray of energy from the low sitting sun and highlighting the change in nature on our doorstep.

This particular light holds my curiosity for longer as it creates opportunities to keep noticing. Like a child would. Although my art tools are currently resting, my mind is alive with creativity because of these contrasts, juxta positions because of the dance between light and shadow, it's new and different (some days I'm easily pleased.)

I'm even curious to my response to when the light hits the dusty corners, cobwebs or the grittiness of an area of bad plastering. Is it highlighting an area that requires my attention or simply that there are spaces I have yet to explore and make my own? A happiness lies in the opportunity of that. X

This is one of my recent Instagram posts from last year, you can follow my writing, art work and videos on @firstmummiesclub.

It's come to my attention my email didn't reach everyone on my mailing list last week. This was a tech fail on my part. The message contained a little bit of exciting news about my intention *squeal* for new workshops this year at my home in Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead.

If you'd like to receive that update or find out more, please let me know and I'll send it your way!

Thanks for reading and see you soon,

Lisa x

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