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What's not to trust, about Trust?

I would love to be sharing a plethora of new years intentions, a myriad of wishes, a bounty of hopes with you tonight.

I'd love to be relishing in the sweet excitement and anticipation that usually accompanies my new years dive into January.

But, sadly.

I am not.

There's a couple of lines from the poem, a Market Square, that I have fond memories of my Dad reading to me at bedtime. This line resonates greatly... 'I had nuffin'.

And by 'nuffin' I mean, inspiration.

I'm usually built on sparks of the stuff, felt frequently as hyper stars of energy oscillating my mind. Usually I can do very little about them. They like to dart about, especially when I'm showering, whilst driving or just before breaking up a show down with my two boys. But today, about a week in and Inspiration has decided to vacate for a while. Maybe to Oz to help some poorly koalas? I just hope she's being utilised and helpful and that she'll return soon.

But fear not Lovelies... please welcome to the arena, the one, the only, the bouncy....the flouncy, glamour puss....Trrrruussst.

(Loud applause)


Here's the thing.

Trust has promised me, in the absence of Inspiration, that she is a game changer. With her help, she can take me places I've always dreamed about. I don't know whether to believe her or not but hey, with an outfit like that, what's not to trust about Trust. She's shaking that tail feather like someone who means business and I've learnt never to doubt a girl with serious plumage.

And when Trust needs a night off, she needs no introduction....Gratitude.

(Big whoops)

Widely acclaimed floozy of self development circles, her name is known across the land. Everyone wants a bit of Gratitude.

And so it happens, Trust is my word for 2020.

She's my gal for the moment. I'm hoping she'll hold my hand for a while, maybe let me borrow her headdress and encourage me to trust myself because no one, no one wants Fear to make an appearance. That little harlett has been loitering in the shadows for a while now.

Can you imagine what a performance Inspiration, Trust and Gratitude would put on if left to work their magic?

What would that look like for you?

Wishing you all a very happy 2020 x

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