Do you believe in Magic?

Just taking a moment to slow down and breathe, cuppa in hand whilst flicking through and absorbing all the delicious words of amazing women in Issue 4 of @motherdom_mag. This issue is all about Creativity and maternal mental health, a topic very close to my heart.

Such a privilege to be asked to write a piece explaining my experiences of creativity and the positive impact it has had on my mental health, as well as witnessing the transformative nature it can have on others, Mothers and children.

Issue 4 is chocka block full of heartfelt articles from women who have overcome their own personal struggles in a creative way, many whom have gone onto help improve the well-being of other mothers through their support, insight and spirit.

Well done Anna for curating another superb issue.

To order your copy direct to your door or straight to your phone, go to or better still, get someone lovely to gift you a years subscription for Christmas 😉 x

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