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Look at us having fun!

I'm having one of those, 'damn you nice holiday for creating this false sense of security,' mornings.

Holidays are fun, right?!

We got back home yesterday. We started the day pretty much fireman lifting two screaming kids from the hotel and throwing them into the transfer coach crying to the driver, "Just Drive, Just Drive !!!!"

They didn't want to leave. Why would they?!

A marvellous kids club, an enthusiastic koala bear dressed up like a pirate, a routine kids disco, kids pool, soft play, endless rainbow coloured slushies on tap, not to mention FOUR kinds of ice cream!!! Like Disney, right?!!!

I have news for you folks. This is not reality.

This morning we're having the best kind of showdown. The kind that blossomed from the late, late hours (because of course, 'we're NOT tired!!!! bellowed from both of them gone 10pm) which all resulted in a dramatic climax this morning when one of my husband's slippers was lobbed at my face. That final gesture of defiance actually made me cry.

You know on holiday, in a kind of cocktail induced coma, when you think, "ahhh, look they're finally getting it...they're holding hands....look at them giggling together as they go down the slide for the upteenth time." Bottle that up people because when you arrive back on precious home turf, it's like a dream.

It's like they probably weren't your children.

I set plans for our return, intentions, a self promise to get up an hour early to write my morning pages and do a spot of yoga. Dare I whisper, a daily self care ritual. I can visualise the gods having a laugh and a few shots over that one.

Any reminders of how lucky our boys are falls on deaf ears. I don't swear on this account but I could. Sods. Not Hubby, he helped me unpack our suitcases. 10 Brownie points to him.

I'm not posting this because I want to put a fear of dread into you about the holidays. Maybe I want reassurance. We've got, what five more weeks to ride through. Jeeees! I'm already done.

God bless teachers, god bless grandparents, babysitters, nursery, kids clubs. Thank you for taking the strain. I would like to add my children will be little angels for you, everyone else but within the four walls of the sacred home, all kinds of emotional combustion takes place. Sometimes it ain't pretty....not like all the picture perfect Insta stories I've been posting.

The profile picture change you see of me, that was Day One of the holidays Lovelies when I was just starting on that wave of euphoria. I was probably a good 10% rum at that stage. So, don't believe all you see.

Also, my eldest gave me a hug when I was upset, so there's hope still the younger one won't fast pass to jail for assault anytime soon.

Here's to summer holidays. May rum, gin or whatever your personal preference, get you through. Cheers!

Ps. Here's a nice pic of Robin, when I wasn't looking to adopt him.

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