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Ensure you fit your oxygen mask!

The other day my Mum handed me a handful of paper cuttings she'd been holding onto that she felt would be interest to me.

Amongst them was a double page spread from The Telegraph from March last year! A special Mothers Day edition, Mother's who wrote for the paper had shared the five most important lessons they'd learnt from Motherhood.

This little gem, (see photo) written by Judith Woods, felt very relevent and resonated with me. Hopefully it will a few of you too.

I like First Mummies' Club to feel like a bit of a crafty sanctuary for those Mums who choose to escape the pressures of Motherhood through creativity....this is the reason I like it to look, smell, feel and taste lovely (ref our midway tea and cake break!) For me, it's not just about what we create, it's the whole caboodle ...having all the senses stimulated to create a positive and memorable experience for the Mums that attend.

I'm going to a yoga class on Friday morning with Maria at Boxmoor Yoga which is something I've always been intending to re-visit for over a year now ...I feel if I have at least a couple of regular go-to channels for escape, enjoyment and growth (that and eating cake,) I'll be on the right track to keep my mental and physical well-being in check.

After all, if Mummy is feeling overwhelmed and grumpy, there is a knock on effect on the whole household. (My husband can vouch for this!)

I hope you can all find opportunity in your busy lives to make time for yourselves.

When you need a break from it all, what is it you love to do? I'd love to hear from you xx

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